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Discover Shamanic Energy Healing

Healing of the emotional, physical and spiritual body

Deniece has been helping clients with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues for over 9 years. Through her practice, she holds space and assists in releasing negative energies that are no longer serving you or causing issues in your life.


Modalities used to release negative heavy energies and traumas include:

  • Chakra & Aura Clearings

  • Illuminations

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Extractions

  • Sound Healing

  • Crystal Healing 



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About Me

Deniece is a full mesa carrier and initiated Kuraq Akulleq in the Incan tradition of the Andes. Her teachers of the Peruvian Q’ero tradition include Jerri Doran and Ginger & Dale Lee of Salida, CO. Deniece is currently a Shamanic healer with a blossoming practice in Pueblo, CO.

Her spiritual journey began in 2015 following the passing of her father, Mike. His death was a catalyst that led her to the Medicine Wheel teachings. It is her greatest joy to hold space and assist others on their life path through powerful shamanic healing practices. These sacred practices have been passed down and used for thousands of years.

Deniece loves spending quality time with her husband of 18 years, amazing children and two beautiful grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling and being in nature.


Everyone holds the key to their own healing but sometimes we get stuck in negative patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us or holding us back from our best life!  As an experienced Shamanic Energy Healer, I work with you to release trauma and negative energies that many physical, emotional and spiritual issues stem from.

Intuitive Guidance

Spiritual Guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Helpers

Deniece will connect into your Angelic Guides and Spirit Helpers for personal messages and guidance.


Chakra Clearing &  Energy Balancing Session

Clears blockages and Balances the bodies Chi

Through this process, negative energies and blockages are tracked and removed. Blockages may cause physical, mental or spiritual problems that are difficult to heal from especially if you've experienced traumas in your life. People may pick up heavy/negative energy from other people or places. If exposed to this energy for too long, you may feel drained or not like yourself. It may even cause long-term illness. With your permission, this energy will be tracked and removed leaving you feeling renewed and revitalized.

Soul Retrieval

Healing Trauma

Do you feel incomplete? Like a piece of you is missing but you don't understand why. When experiencing severe trauma, whether it be in this lifetime or past lifetimes, parts of our souls may flee as a way of protecting ourselves. When this piece is missing, we might experience negative patterns or problems in our life including physical, mental and emotional issues. During the soul retrieval process, I will journey on your behalf to the non-ordinary reality or world to retrieve the lost soul part. Once it's located, a gentle negotiation takes place, and the healed soul part is brought back.

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House/Property Clearing

House clearings and blessings are a beautiful way to cleanse negative energies and imprints from past events that occurred or from the prior homeowners. This process includes clearing of your land/property.

Space and land clearings of all types

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"Look with the eyes of the soul and engage the essential, Honor the Earth Mother and Great Spirit"

Andean Shamans

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I was not familiar with chakras or Shamanic energy work before I met Deniece. I was struggling with controlling work anxiety and finding my happiness. A friend suggested I see Deniece to clear out the negative energy. Being in the medical field, I was skeptical of what Deniece would do for me. She was thorough in her explanations of the first session and what to expect. At the end of the session, I was blown away and a believer. Deniece's reading of my energy was incredible. She pulled out information that she had no prior knowledge and she pulled out the negative energy as well! I have since been to see Deniece several times. She has taught me how to block negative forces and keep myself energized throughout the day so I can complete my job in healthcare to my highest ability. I am so fortunate to have met Deniece and improve my own quality of life!

Elizabeth P.

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Pueblo, CO

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